Secure payments

Online payment processing is done by reputable and secure companies always through secure (https / ssl / tls) connections.

Currently we accept online payments processed by:

  • HiPay (Refª Multibanco, Paysafecard, Payshop, Credit Cards & Debit Cards - Visa / Mastercard / Amerian Express etc)
  • Bitcoin (the order is processed after 6 confirmations)

We also accept:

  • Bank Transfers (SEPA / IBAN) / NIB)*
  • Referência Multibanco (via HiPay)*
  • Payshop (via HiPay)
  • Paysafecard (via HiPay)**

*This type of payment can be done on any ATM machine within European Union or through Online Banking systems.
**This type of payment may take a long time to be processed and we will not under any circumstance send any items without the payment fully cleared / processed.

If by any reason your payment flagged as «suspicious» processing time will be increased to take all necessary actions to make sure the transaction is legit / legal (whatever time that might take).
All credit card payments that do not use 3DS are automatically deemed «suspicious».  For you own safety contact your bank and be sure to use 3DS.
We take fraud very seriously and all suspicious activity will be reported to all the concerned authorities along with all the data collected.